Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday

Hey, guys. Welcome to my blog. I'm EDPGirl. That stands for Eat, Drink and Be Pretty. I'm a 14, soon to be 15 year old, Southern gal. I love all things chic, pretty, vintage, fun, cool, and I'd better stop right there. The list of things I like could take all night.

I hope you'll enjoy hanging out with me here. I plan on putting up lots of neat pictures, tips, and advice. I will probably also complain about typical high school life from time to time. I hope that's okay. Well, it's my blog so I guess I can write about what I want. LOL.

My mom also has a blog and she said that a lot of bloggers post pictures of pink and green things on Thursday and that that would be an easy way for me to get started with this blogging hobby. Now I am NOT a fan of pink, but I do love pretty pictures so I guess I can tolerate a little pink every now and then.

Since my blog is called Eat Drink and Be Pretty I think I will make my first P&G Thursday be about make-up. Hope you like it.

One Giant Leap...

...into the world of blogging. Yay, me!